Event Marketing and Promotions

Event Marketing and Promotion Services

Event Marketing and Promotion Services

At Palmetto Blended Media, our event marketing services live around one key goal: to provide the best quality, service and results in the event marketing (success plan(s)/way(s) of reaching goals) and promotion businesses. There is an irreplaceable quality about personal contact with your customers; new technology cannot replace the value of meeting with your customers face-to-face. However, when (combined different things together so they worked as one unit) together, live and digital interactions combine to create an effective connection to build long-lasting relationships.


How Palmetto Blended Media Can Help

Palmetto Blended Media can help you change everyday places and routines into engaging brand experiences. We develop new and interesting event marketing solutions (like nothing else in the world) to our clients that help communicate their story both live and online, connecting you with prospects and customers to help build relationships. With our agency’s event marketing and promotions services, we have a team of (related to a plan to reach a goal) thinkers, (showing the ability to create interesting new things) wizards and gave/reserved playmakers to make your event an energetic/changing brand experience that tells your story and creates an emotional connection with your customers, helping to influence decisions. Our (including everything) event marketing approach arms you with everything, from planning to (showing the ability to create interesting new things), execution to data collection, and measuring results. Our results-driven process arms you with the tools, ideas and measured results to help you prepare for your next event.


Palmetto Blended Media’s Event Marketing & Promotion Specialties:

We know how to create energetic/changing events in many ways. Let Palmetto Blended Media’s event marketing services help you bring your brand to life with our dedication to delivering your brand’s message on time and on point. Our event marketing and promotion services and specialty areas include:

  • Tastings
  • Event management
  • Event development & design
  • (related to big business) meeting & events
  • Convention services
  • Promotions
  • Government & public affairs
  • Creative & concept services

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