Thinking about a Logo Redesign?

Why wait for a Logo Redesign?

If your thinking of the possibility of a logo redesign, than it’s probably time to make the switch and hire a professional.

Unfortunately, having a great looking logo is something most business owners understand is critical, but cut corners because they don’t understand the process. Instead, they hire a cousin, or friend of a friend, who does ‘graphic design’ on the side. What they end up with in return is a logo that is not easily transferred from web to print. They end up spending more in the long run, because they get charged art fees for every project, whether is be creating new tshirts, posters, koozies, etc.

Hire a professional who works within your budget – most like us, will have several options/packages to suit your specific needs. In return, you have more creative control in the process and have a logo you can be proud of. Deliverables will include all files types, including bitmap and vector, along with different versions for each future project – thereby you avoid paying any future artwork charges!

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